PVC Gumboots

Support Local Manufacturers

Our local manufacturing sector plays a crucial role in driving economic expansion and contributes significantly to our nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). At Neptun Boot, we are committed to sourcing materials and labour within our borders. By doing so, we actively contribute to the economic growth and prosperity of our nation. The Threat To The … continue reading this article.

Neptun Boot: Setting a New Standard in Safety Footwear

Over the years at Neptun Boot, we have become one of the leading footwear manufacturers in Southern Africa – supplying innovative safety footwear to the mining, agriculture, food processing, and general industries. More About Neptun Boot Starting in 1977, Neptun began using locally sourced PVC compounds to supply quality PVC gumboots to the agriculture and … continue reading this article.

Safety Gumboots

At Neptun Boot, we pride ourselves on our reputed safety gumboots. Our Stimela gumboots are a benchmark for safety gumboots in Southern Africa and are recognised worldwide for their patented metatarsal protector. This is an in-depth guide into the various safety features that make our Stimela and Stimela XP ranges first-class safety gumboots. Complete Protection … continue reading this article.

Green Gumboots

At Neptun, we offer two different styles of green gumboots – the Shova, a unisex general-purpose gumboot, and the Marina, a ladies’ general-purpose gumboot. Our green gumboots come in a range of styles (from clog to tall) and are specially designed for the agriculture and food processing industries. Our Shova and Marina green gumboot ranges … continue reading this article.

PPE Gumboots

Personal protective wear is a requirement in demanding environments and a pair of PPE gumboots can be an excellent option as safety footwear. PPE gumboots are durable, waterproof, and easily cleaned. Choosing the proper protective footwear for the job is essential and a good pair of PPE gumboots can keep workers safe and comfortable. In … continue reading this article.

Black Gumboots

Black gumboots are practical, functional, hard-wearing, and suitable for use across many industries. At Neptun, our wide range of safety footwear includes general-purpose and heavy-duty gumboots of which a popular colour option is black gumboots available in various styles. Marina Gumboot Marina gumboots are designed to be functional and hard-wearing, and our Marina gumboots range … continue reading this article.

Neptun Safety Boots

Neptun safety boots come in a range of different styles that make them suitable for many different working environments. Depending on the specific safety requirements of your workplace, you may need the protection of either a metal-free safety boot or a PVC gumboot with steel safety features. Read through our wide range of safety footwear options below … continue reading this article.

White Gumboots from Neptun Boot

For many industries, choosing safety footwear is not just a question of protection and comfort, but also of hygiene, making white gumboots the ideal choice of safety footwear for workers in the food processing, medical and agricultural industries. The Benefits of White Gumboots Made from nitrile PVC, Neptun Boot’s white gumboot ranges are oil/fat, acid … continue reading this article.

Steel Toe Gumboots

Steel toe gumboots are a well-trusted form of safety footwear that combines the waterproof benefits of PVC gumboots and the heavy-duty protection of a steel toe boot. Demanding industries like mining, forestry, construction and more, require protective safety footwear that can withstand tough conditions and dangerous workplace hazards. Benefits of Steel Toe Cap Protection There … continue reading this article.

Original Black Toffee Shosholoza Gumboot

The Original Black Toffee Commodore Gumboot by Neptun Boot was our very first gumboot manufactured for safety protection with a steel toe cap. Since our inception in 1977, we’ve been dedicated to creating innovative and high-quality footwear that protects the mining, agriculture, medical, and food processing industries and beyond. Our range of superior-quality PVC gumboots … continue reading this article.

Shosholoza Gumboots with Steel Toe Caps

Gumboots with steel toe caps are an essential part of personal protective equipment for miners, helping to alleviate the risk of injuries to the feet and keep mineworkers comfortable while they work. The Shosholoza gumboot with steel toe cap from Neptun Boot is a heavy-duty knee-length PVC gumboot, designed to be hard-wearing and withstand tough … continue reading this article.

Why support locally made products?

These recent months have been an unprecedented time for the global and South African economy, and have brought to light even more than before the importance of supporting local businesses and locally made products. At Neptun, we’re proud to be based in South Africa and provide our products to local communities. We’re passionate about the … continue reading this article.

Gumboots: an essential part of PPE

PPE and the Coronavirus Access to Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, has become one of the most important factors in the global battle against the coronavirus. Things like face-masks, gloves, and face visors can provide vital protection against the virus for medical personnel on the frontlines. But one aspect of PPE that is often left … continue reading this article.

Mining Gumboots

Mining gumboots are heavy-duty gumboots that provide footwear protection to those working on mines. Metatarsal protectors, reinforced steel midsoles, and toe caps are some of the unique safety features of mining gumboots. Mining gumboots need to be durable enough to endure harsh working environments while protecting workers from workplace dangers like sharp objects, falling hazards, … continue reading this article.

Importance of Safety Footwear in the Workplace

Many physically intensive industries are teeming with safety hazards and require adequate protective gear in order to prevent workplace injuries. In 2016, 155 427 non-fatal workplace injuries were recorded in South Africa, with roughly 22% of those recorded in the agricultural, mining, and manufacturing industries. With the multitude of safety gear required to work in … continue reading this article.

Stimela XP Gumboot: Superior metal-free safety gumboot

Looking for a safety gumboot that is lighter than your normal gumboot, yet provides full safety protection? The Stimela XP gumboot offers an extensive range of footwear protection features: Metal-Free Stimela XP is a metal-free, knee-length, unisex boot that provides full protection. Available colours: Black and White. Composite Polycarbonate Toe Cap This gumboot has a composite … continue reading this article.

Neptun Boot exhibit at Mine Entra

We will be exhibiting with Lemonseed Distribution at Mine Entra, Zimbabwe’s premium exhibition for the mining, engineering and transport industries on the 10th – 12th October 2018 in Bulawayo. We will be showcasing our range of safety footwear and heavy-duty mining gumboots. Our footwear is developed specifically with the harsh mining conditions in mind. In … continue reading this article.

The 9th Annual Women in Mining Conference

We will be attending the 9th Annual Women in Mining Conference from the 21st – 23rd February 2018 at the Indaba Hotel in Fourways, Johannesburg. We look forward to supporting all the women in mining, we will be showcasing our unique Shosholoza Gumboot. Visit our website for more information on our Mining Gumboots.